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Rozen Maiden) rose girl (+ 5, artificially elves are the "Jue jiang (jose ホ リ エ), color is rosy. Is TianChun first with cherry concluded contracts maiden, individual character noble rose proud with strong jiao, self-esteem, has a high temperament

小题1:learn; every 小题1: second; knows 小题1:pressure 小题1:getting a better job in the future 小题1: homework 小题1:study和learn都是学习; every和each都是“每个” 小题1:考查序数词:a second grader二年级学生和前面的the first grader

Girls' Generation, a Korean girls group, debuted on 5th, August, 2007. Their fans usually call them 'SNSD' or 'SoShi', both of the names are the short form of their Korean name. Girls' Generation has nine member, some of them had become trainers

小姑娘the little girl小姑娘the little girl

1.( I)love(my )English friends.2.That girl is Anna"s young sister (she )loves ( her) very much.3.Mr zhang,( our) math teacher ( we )love him.4.What are those?( They )are ( their )books .

The young girl is the best singer in the city.The young girl (sings) (best) in the city.


1. Were you a young girl in 1992?2. Does she read English and write letter to herself every day?

for后面的是其宾语从句,what又是从句中的主语“所是事物”;整个的介词短语的for what seemed like hours做了standing的时间状语.

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