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只要你信得过他 爱她就和他在一起! 你们相爱的很美满,父母那边自然就解决了

It is(be)more than three years since jim left(leave)here It is some time(一段时间) + since引导的时间状语从句(从句一般过去式)

16 NATO North Atlantic Treaty Organization17 neutral 18 creditor19 trade protection20 containment21 the Marshall plan or European recovery program22 block of Berlin23 Truman24 Martin Luther King Jr.25

His teachings and philosophy have deeply influenced Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Vietnamese though and life. 40.If you want to appreciate the Chinese traditiona

is a South Korean company manufacturing automobiles. Their automobiles are available in many 24 hours a day; phone the Reception desk(总台), and your message will be passed on to the staff

[图文] is running at Beijing's Cultural Palace of Nationalities. Adapted from a popular South Korean cartoon book by Korean writer Cho Soo Min , the play tells the story of the boy named Siqing, who sets out in

24.A 细节理解题,根据文章第一段New York's Department of Education makes learning better for these students by providing dual-language programs可知双重语言项目旨

AKB48 Request Hour Set List Best 100 Songs 2009 Disc5 Marking 第十四分钟,右边是指原莉乃

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