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what a beautiful day 多么美丽的一天 例句:1.One of his colleagues proves it with song: "we have apples and mandarins, suchbeautiful mandarins, welcome ladies and gentlemen, what a beautiful day today is!" 他的同行随即唱起了歌:“我们这卖苹果,还卖橘子,你看,这橘子多好啊!快来吧,女士们先生们,今天多美好!”

乐队名叫 The Travellers,歌名叫 What a beautiful day,出自同名专辑.


beautiful day(歌手是jazzamor)

WhatABeautifulDay (Final Version) - Chris CagleChris Cagle播放添加喜欢收藏到歌单分享What A Beautiful Day (Final Version) - Chris CagleDay oneI stumbled through hello on 5th avenueDay twoWe grabbed a bite to eat and talked all

OH WHAT A WONDERFUL DAY (HEY PIERRE)(Ron Dante) Abrahamm & Strauss Hey Pierre Look at you Sitting there Like you do Watching clouds All day long Singing such a silly song(Chorus) La la, la la, la la, la la Hear the daisies growin' in the

歌曲名:What A Beautiful Day歌手:Chris Cagle专辑:Chris CagleChris Cagle - What A Beautiful DayDay one, I stumbled through hello on 5th AveDay two, we grabbed a bite to eatAnd talked all afternoonCaught a movie on day fourteenAnd day

how beautiful the day is ! 今天多么美! 强调美what a beautiful day! 多么美的一天! 强调天


how beautiful the car is !what和how都能够引导感叹句:what a+形容词+可数名词单数+it is=how+形容词+the+可数名词单数+is

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