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With arms straight, rock forwards, pressing down on the lower half of the breast bone.这应该是救溺水的人时,采取的一些措施 【伸直手臂,向前摇动,在胸胛骨下半部往下压.】 rock forwards向前摇动的意思,rock此处作动词,摇动,晃动的意思

笔直 [拼音] [bi zhi] 1. perfectly straight ; ( as ) straight as an arrow ( or die ) 相关词组 * 振笔直书 to write with flying strokes ; to wield the pen furiously * 直接地;笔直地 directly * 笔直的;挺直的 straight * 笔直走 follow one's nose * 笔直的,直盯着的

笔直地 upright 或者 erectly


bend KK: [] DJ: [] vt.1. 使弯曲,折弯 He bent the iron bar as if it had been made of rubber.他将铁棍折弯,仿佛那是用橡皮做成的.2. 使低垂3. 使致力(于)[(+on/to)] The boys bent their attention on making model ships.男孩们聚精会神地制作

原文:笔直的长发让它看起来很美.译文(如果想翻译为女字旁的“她”就把翻译中的“it”换为her):普通版:The long straight hair makes it turely beautiful (译:直直的长发让它看起来很美丽.普通版即使没有错误,但似乎缺失了语言的美

With arms straight, rock forwards, pressing down on the lower half of the breastbone.用手臂伸直,岩石前锋,压迫的下半部分胸骨.Don't be too hard or you may break a rib.不要太硬或你可能打破一根肋骨.Check how effective you are by seeing

1. because of 2. The number of 3. even though 4. upward straightforwards 5. What, that

My neighborhood Now I want to tell you something about my neighborhood. In my neighborhood,there are many buildings for keeping good health,for example,a pingpang training-room.And there is aslo a swimming pool for you to have fun.Besides,

Hello!I live in the Centre Street. My home is in a busy street.(The street is very busy.) A supermarket is opposite to my home. And a restaurant is next to it. The food there is very delicious. There is a pool in front of the restaurant. The shop is between

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