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找勇者们拍的枪版 然而并不推荐 不然的话还是老老实实等bd吧


i didn't see a movie after school

My favorite cartoon film is "Kung Fu Panda".Beause it's very funny and interesting.The story was great and the background was beautiful, it really felt like an ancient Chinese city. So many people like it.In this cartoon movie the character who I

My name is Tom green.I want to join up movie Club.I am ninteen years old.I have a dream.I want to beacom a singer,because i like sing songs. I think i singing is vear good.

答案B点拨:on school nights表示“在上课日的晚上”.

特殊疑问句:Where are you watching movie?

I mean High School Musical and also High School Musical 2

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