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I like sports.Do you like to play sports?When I play sports ,I will be happy,I always think sports is more important than everything.Because to do everything,you do should have a good body ,and doing sports can help have a good body.I like play soccer

I have a good friend.His name is ***.He likes playing basketball.Today is Sunday.I want to play basketball with he.He'd love to.That's a good idea.Let's play basketball together.

My favourite sport is swim.It is good for my body.I always swimming in summer. Swimming can make me cool and comfortable.There are many kind of swim.For example,freestyle,breaststore, backstroke and so on.In addition to backstroke,I all do.I

楼上错了,第一句还要加一个and,一个句子中不能出现两个动词. Summer holiday is coming ,I plan to go to Hainan. I heard that it's very hot there,so I'm going to take a pair of glasses with me.When I get there,I'm going to the beach.And I plan to swim in the sea.I think I'll have a good time playing in the water.A great vacation!I can't wait!

How to work and play 工作与娱乐,可以参考下:)~Work and play are two important parts in people's life, but some times they are contradictory, whether we can balance them has much to do with our success. Some people think that we should do


LOVE Long long ago.There was a big forest and a big castle in the world.In the castle.There was a beautiful prinses and a ugly prinses.They were friendly.The beautiful prinses names Sherry, many people likes her that because she always helped

My plan for the weekend I 'm looking for forword to the weekend .It's going to be fantastic. On Saturday morning. I'm going to do my homework first and go over lessons. After lunch.I'm going to have a good rest.Then I'm going to play basketball with

I like sports, and I like basketball very much.I play basket ball everyweek, and I usually play with my father. He plays basketball very well, andhe is a good basketball player. Playing basketball makes us feel happy andexcited. We all love it.I have a

英文原文:robin's play怎么读英式音标:robin's [ple] 美式音标:robin's [ple]

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