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the animals are not so happy these days.动物们这几天不是很高兴 Miss bird likes singing小鸟小姐喜欢唱歌,but her但是她 句子没接下去

of us, however, take life for granted. W

First We must (cross ) the street only when we see the (shining ) “walk” sign.Second Look ( around ) ( carefully )--- look left , look right and look left again before we cross the road.Third We must ( be ) ( careful ) on the street.Last It's good to ( help ) children and old people ( cross ) the road.

Promote health and welfare raised pigs and animals拜托给点分!!!!!!! ,我的正确,我问的老师!!!

i won't let you down,neither will make you feel lonely. please trust me, you must live a happy life, no matter how hard it will be in the future, at least you have my greeting and my love for you. through i may not be the best, i believe that no one can give you the better love than me.

Ching-Kuo Wu Di: right close by, King-Haitian away. Nanjing, met with a rush, blink over 36 set. Childhood colleague, Su Beijing to interviews, vivid memories. However, for many years did not pass tone asked, this sincere regret. Illegally and have


如果是来美好的自一天的意2113思的话5261可以4102翻译成:1653 (guzel bir kun).

Li Yu's late word, and describe the love-hate is a monarch sadness, weeping over his reign as a heavy sadness. Term behind bars shown in the grief is very real, dignified, but


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