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They gained independence but they still carried the traditions and laws, this is the same way it happened in south america as well. I am assuming the determination of such a punishment was less achieved once the independence took place.


1.BWikipedia解释:"Time immemorial is time extending beyond the reach of or can be regarded as,indefinitely ancient."2.CCommon good 公益Wikipedia解释:"The

[图文] though he'd received a punishment. He took his success as a child does his medicine. And not one of support Wikipedia with a donation. Wikipedia is built differently from almost every other top 50 website

你好!1. What's the meaning of life?我的回答你还满意吗~~

Stanley Tookie Williams III (December 29, 1953 December 13, 2005), born in Monroe, Louisiana, was a convicted murderer and an early leader of the Crips, a

List of songs about warFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaJump to: navigation, searchThis article consists of songs that are about war, its effects, and its people. Some

narcissist 自我陶醉者,自恋狂

taken from wikipedia;白雪公主[snow white] Once upon a time, as a queen sits sewing at her window, she pricks her finger on her needle and three drops of blood fall on the snow that had fallen on her ebony window frame. As she looks at the

自恋狂: NarcissistNarcissismFrom Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaThis article is about narcissism as a word in common use. For narcissism in psychology, see Narcissism (psychology).Narcissus, also known as the "Mazarini Hermaphroditus

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