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1、允诺;答应;约定;保证:They promised that the work would all be finished by next week.他们保证到下星期完成全部工作.2、给人以…的指望;有…的可能;有…希望:These discussions promise future storm.这些争论有可能引起今后的风波.

n.1. 承诺,诺言 Give me your promise that you'll never be late again.答应我你绝不再迟到了.The sky gives promise of fine weather tomorrow (连日阴雨,忽见天空云随风散,可知明日将会转晴.);2. 希望,前途 The young man shows promise as

“promise”造句如下:She broke her promise to me. 她没有承担对我的许诺.The future holds limitless promise. 未来有着无限的希望.You can't swallow the promise of financial allocation that you made yesterday. 你不能取消你昨天作出的财政

好吧楼上的不少了,美剧里有很多句子的~promise 名词是 保证,希望的意思.eg:I give you a promise. 表希望时不可数.做动词是就是表示 保证 之类的意思~eg: I promise that he is a nerd!(我保证,他脑子有毛病) I promise to do this stuff.(我保证会去干这事儿的)另外~可做不及物动词~I promise!(我保证!)promise是个口语化很强的词~表示向谁打包票.同上面的用法~嘻嘻~

1、If you make a promise, you should keep it .翻译:如果做出了承诺,就应该遵守.2、If you make a promise, you should carry it out.; Promise is debt. 翻译:还愿.3、If you make a promise, it should be carried out. 翻译:你许了诺言,就一定要

I promise to love you forever 我承诺永远爱你

I promise myself a fruitful discussion with you .我指望跟你进行一次有成效的讨论.

promise sth to sb 侧重于完成 承担答应某人做的事情.i only honoured my promise to your father 我只不过完成了我对你父亲的承诺.promise sb sth 侧重于 口头答应,也可未完成.promise me you will not waste your time.向我承诺你不会浪费你的时间.

你好!I promise mom i will study english well仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

i promise the son to buy some gifts for his birthday.

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