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I was prevented from going by urgent business. 我因急事不能去. 2. You should prevent from the thieves. 你当然应该防备小偷. 3. These rules can prevent from accident. 这些规则可以预防发生意外. 4. These regulations can prevent from the accidents. 这些规则可以预防发生意外. 5. Use soap wash hand is a way to prevent from sick. 用肥皂洗手是有效防止疾病传播的一种方式

prevent from 阻止,制止;妨碍 例句: Nothing could prevent me from working hard. 没有什么能阻止我努力工作.

prevent from 英[privent frm] 美[prvnt frm] [词典] 阻止, 防止; [例句]Active cure of swoon patients was important to prevent from complications.积极救治晕厥患者,对预防并发症有重要意义.

We should prevent the children from approaching the fire如果帮到您的话,可以好评吗?谢谢了!!!(右上角采纳)

we should prevent the earth from being polluted.我们要防止地球被污染.

It's our duty to prevent the environment from being pulluted . 满意请采纳

you better prevent that machine from you, it's dangerous!

prevent traffic accidents from happening

prevent the forests from firing.

prevent from doing=keep from doing, 他们是一样的.都是:阻止,做, 而stop to do的意思是停下来开始做, stop doing是停止做什么,前两个不可以和最后一个互换.而stop to do不可以和stop doing 互换.

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