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impersonal [英][mp:snl][美][mp:rsnl] adj.没有人情味的; 非个人的,和个人无关的; 不具人格的,一般性的; [语]非人称的; n.[语]非人称动词; 非人称代名词; 不具人格的事物; 以上结果来自金山词霸 例句:1.The global


happy anniversary 周年纪念快乐

ALOE(不是alon) SOOTHING(不是soopting) DAY CREAM(英语)就是 ALOES CREME DE JOUR APAISANTE(法语),翻译成中文是“芦荟舒缓滋养日霜”,适合敏感性皮肤,性质柔和,能降低皮肤敏感度.要翻译的那几个句子:面部日护理乳霜 fps(防晒指数)15,任何皮肤类型,滋润并保护肌肤不受长波(uva)及中波紫外线(uvb)的伤害

Fewer people write with their left hand than with their right. The more careful you are, the fewer mistakes you will make. Fewer students are opting for science courses nowadays. We need more boys and fewer girls. Fewer and fewer people plan to

我不得不接受的事实是,我踩纳我女儿的经验 原型coopt vt. 增补…为新成员

Traditionally, courses that deal with computers and society issues focus primarily on step toward finalizing the move (begun with the co-opting of the social security number)

happy anniversary 周年纪念日快乐 happy anniversary[英][hpi niv:sri][美][hpi nvsri] n.周年纪念快乐; 例句:1.We declined dessert, opting instead for mint tea and some heavenly rose-flavoured macaroons and

As we all know, trees have many USES, human get many benefits as follows: first, trees provide us with wood and other products. Second, their roots can allow rainwater seeping into and keep the ping soil to avoid being washed away, so the trees

全名:Mathangi “Maya” Arulpragasam 出生时间:1975年7月18日 出生地点:英国伦敦 民族:泰米尔族 M.I.A. (artist) Birth name Mathangi Arulpragasam Born 18 July 1975 (1975-07-18) (age 33) Hounslow, London, England Origin Mitcham,

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