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be in trouble 处于困境中 in trouble1.处于不幸(或苦恼,困境中)2.挨骂;受罚3.[口语]未婚先孕的

in need

get into trouble (with)=put sb. into trouble=be in trouble (with)=get in sour=in hot water=in the soup


1. (be) in trouble 有烦事;有困难;出事;惹麻烦 2.put sb. to trouble 给某人造成麻烦;增添麻烦 3. take trouble to do sth. 不辞辛劳做某事4.have trouble with sth.有那方面困难 I often have trouble with my teeth.我常常牙痛.

1.have trouble (in)doing 做……有困难 If we have trouble doing our work, we should try to dance to another tune. 如果我们的工作遇到了麻烦,我们应该试着改变一下方法. 2.have trouble with: 同…闹纠纷;有的病痛 I have trouble with computer. 我学计算机课有困难. 3.have no trouble doing: 理所当然;没有困难做…

in是介词,trouble是名词.in trouble为介词短语,意思是“处于困境、遇到麻烦”,在句中可作表语、定语或状语.如:While you are in trouble, who would you like to turn to for help first?He is always helping those in trouble.In trouble he is always buoyant. 在困难的时候,他总是精神振作的.

你好,为你解答,正确答案为:He often gives me a hand when I'm in trouble.不明白请及时追问,满意敬请采纳,O(∩_∩)O谢谢

你好: 翻译: 陷入麻烦之中 同义词: stuck in trouble -----【俊狼猎英】团队为您解答.

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