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[图文] girl who had no family and no one to love her. One day, feeling very sad and lonely, she was walking 1 only two classes in summer school, so I had some 2 time. Three nights a week, I 3 in the kitchen of

[图文] girl busy playing in her room. In one hand was a plastic phone; in the other a toy broom. I listened as 30 and returned to school with his head held high--- glad he was alive. By the end of the six-month


[图文] wind.School starts in another week, and time seems to have slowed down. "Sophie!" calls my grandfather."Is that you?" I stand up, take his hand, and tell him all about my day as we walk through the


D.She wants to quit school and work. Why does Jim say this? A.He doesn"t permit her to work there. on the other hand, are familiar words and idioms that are understood by almost all speakers of a

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