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在…造林,使长满树林n. 森林;丛林;(森林似的)一丛;一片vt

let's protect forestsI grow up at big city ,Never got chance to have a breath at forests but I knew we must protect forests.forests means nature and animals.the cute rabbit that i love live in the forests.the panda that we like to visit born in unkown forest.

forests 是英语单词 读音音标:英 ['frst] 美 ['frst] 词义 n. 森林;林火 vt. (用树林)覆盖;置于(树林中)

1、具体含义不同 forest除了表示森林的意思,还可以表示在…造林,使长满树林,使成为森林.forests的意思是一片一片的森林.2、用法不同 forest不仅可以作为名词,还可以作为动词,当表示森林这个概念时,应用forest.当表示一片一片的

forests(森林) forests are a big family. there are a great many of animals and plants.you can see the tall tree and cute animals.but for human beings,we can't live withous forests.because forests product o2 for us.so forest is very important for us.and we must take care of if. if not,we can't live longer in earth.

Now in some places of our country, a number of people have been cutting down the trees in the forests because they need wood and more farmland. The areas of forests are getting smaller and smaller. Some scientists say that there will be no vast


forests n. 丛林; 森林( forest的名词复数 ); (森林似的) 一丛; 一片; [例句]Thousands of acres of forests and scrubland have been burnt. 已经有数千英亩森林和灌木丛林地被烧毁. [其他] 原型: forest

因为 forest 是一个可数名词.森林都是成片成片分布在地球表面的,所以在泛指“森林”时要用复数.可数名词词尾加 s 表达复数概念.


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