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EnD up造句

we end up going home by bus.

It's a love story, and if players do it right, then end up meeting.

You will end up like him.

He ended up a teacher.他最终成为了一名老师

f you do this,you can end up asking,"what would this possibly mean?"this is why idioms are difficult: they work as groups of words,not as individual words if you translate each word on its own,you will miss the meaning and in many cases end up with nonsense.

end up doing Consumers end up bearing this extra cost.消费者最终承担这笔额外成本.must play my spare time well, or I end up doing nothing.我必须善于利用空闲的时间,否则生命将会在无所事事中告终 People want to do better, but they end up doing worse.人们想要做得更好,结果他们做得更坏.

you will end up as him.

To end up the world with a nuclear war seems not sensible . 以一场核战争结束这个世界是不明智的.

You will end up in debt if you keep on spending so much money.

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