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meet the dog men and women:wu and xxx.满足狗男女:吴和xxx.

have got,and,has,but,have got,and,has,but,has,but


My favorite footballThere has many sports i like.for example.pingpong and basketball and swimming.But the football is my favorite.because it is an exciting sport.Playing football can make me feel relax.And I will get a fit body with it.Also I can make

电脑型号惠普 OMEN by HP Laptop 15-dc0xxx 笔记本电脑 (扫描时间:2018年09月05日) 操作系统Windows 10 64位 ( DirectX 12 ) 处理器英特尔 Core i7-8750H @ 2.20GHz 六核 主板惠普 84DB ( Intel/DRAM Registers - 3EC4 - 300 Series 芯片组 Family - A30D )

He comes from XXX问句提取助动词do ,因为是三单,所以→doesWhere does he come from?He comes from XXX =He is from XXX问句提取助动词isWhere is he from?懂了吗

可数名词使用时必须加冠词或用复数形式,因此Cars are invented by ***是对的,或者The car is invented by ***表示特指.同理,要用My toys泛指所有玩具,而My toy只是某个玩具.

个人觉得XFX9600GT XXX Alpha Dog Editon 不错

是这首么? 《我不怕》演唱:丁当、mc hot dog你喜欢游荡我陪你游荡 陪你冲撞你害怕逛街我就不逛街 不再买新鞋你在的世界让我去穿越 让我去体贴管他天大冒险跟定你的明天明明 星座相同默契相同 想法一致习惯互补为什么还要左思右想的

hello,every one!(hi,everybody!)my name is xxx.i have a pet dog.its name is xxx.it is very cute.it has a pair of black eyes.and it has two long ears and a small nose.it always runs aroud me when i get back from school,i think it is my best friend because

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