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We can deliver goods to your door. 我们可以送货上门.

deliver 没有“生小孩”的意思,而是“接生”,有以下两种用法:1. deliver sb,给某人接生,如deliver a baby2. deliver sb. of ,帮某人接生,如She was delivered of a daughter.可以意译为“她生下了一个女儿”.


transport 运输 , The transport of goods by air is very expensive. 空运货物费用十分昂贵. 交通工具 I need some transport to deliver the goods. 我需要某样运输工具去发出这批货物. 参考资料:百度

deliver [di'liv][vt.](邮件、货物等)投递,递送,分送,分发,送交;传送;运输:例句: to deliver mails / 投递邮件例句: to deliver a package / 投递包裹放弃;转让;引渡;移交,交出,交付(over,up):例句: They delivered the thief over

Delivered within 30 minutes.the boy was delivery at that night.


1.We went on long bicycle rides together 我们一起骑自行车长途旅行.2.Mix the ingredients together thoroughly 把配料充分混合.3.The trees grew close together 树木密密地长在一起.4.He has done enough to pull the party together 他为使政党内

1,递送,交付 The telegram was delivered early this morning.这份电报是今天清晨送到的.2,与.一样He is as tall as his brother.3,过得快活,感到愉快 I hope you'll enjoy yourselves.我希望你们能玩得高兴.

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