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go back to the past的意思是:回到过去.例句:1. If you could go back to the past teleport, when do you want to go? 如果可以回到过去, 你希望回到什麽时候?2. We can not go back to the past, and the front, instead of seeing the light. 我们都无法回到过去, 而前方也看不到光.3. Let me just go back to the point I was making. 请允许我再回到我刚才所提的观点.

date back to固定词组,意思是追溯到在这里做定语 the tomb (that was)dating

go back to the past 回到过去、再回到从前双语例句:1.I could not go back to the past! 我已经不可能回到过去了!2.Time will never look back, so, go back to the past is always vain lies. 时光不会回头,所以,回到过去永远是虚妄的谎言.3.The

回到过去 past 英[p:st] 美[pst] adj. 过去的,以前的;结束的;前任的 n. 过去,过往;往事;[语]过去时

back to the past 【释义】:回到过去. 【用法】:back to the past在句子中做时间状语,可以合在一起使用,也可以“back to ……the past” 【例句】:1、Starting from late 1990s, novels about men traveling back to the past prevailed, with A

回到过去例如To look Back to the past affairs回顾往事Looking back to the past year, we are full of all sorts of feelings well up in our minds.回首时光年轮上又一度春秋寒暑,我们不禁感慨万千.

dating back to fresh man的中文翻译_ dating back to fresh man 和新鲜人约会

of gravity. Even in Einstein's general theory of relativity, the situation is not much better, in order to get a stable cosmological model, he has introduced the theory of cosmological constant. They all want to find a stable universe model in their own

“go back to the past”的意思是回到过去.go back [o bk]释义:回转; 回顾; 向后伸展; 背叛例句:

and 后面是并列句 the city founders 是主语 had 是谓语the vision and dating 是宾语 后面是不定式短语 作定语 修饰the vision and dating to obtain it by constructing a 225-mile aqueduct, 这里it指的是 water后面是过去分词短语 作非限制性定语 相当于一个非限制性定语从句修饰 aqueduct,completed in 1913, 后面是 动词不定式 作目的状语修饰 谓语had to tap the water of the Owens River.

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