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手机安卓听福音广播 最好在WIFI下收听不费流量,我本人因为每月电信1G多流量,所以大多在3G听.手机下载安装收音机软件 龙卷风 ----国外----宗教---BBN Chinese Simplified , Chinese Chritstian Radio , Life Broadcase Network 都是纯正的中文的,还有在搜索里探索佳音系列(佳音广播电台,佳音现代圣乐网)并收藏,



我们是中国,我们影响世界(英文:we are the Chinese,we are one quarter of the world)没停播 播出时间 首播:每周日晚22:38 CCTV-1 重播: 1.每周五下午14:05 CCTV-2 2.每周一早上2:47 CCTV-1 3.每周一下午15:10 CCTV-7 主持人:王利芬http://space.tv.cctv.com/podcast/us 11.30 视频 http://space.tv.cctv.com/video/VIDE1259556045386881

Hello,everyone,my Chinese name is XXX and English name is XXX. I'm eleven years old. I like dancing and hope to be a dancer after I grow up. My favorate color is purple. In a word, I wish I could spend a interesting and unforgettable class with dear new English teacher

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lust 的意思是 性欲,情欲,色欲,淫欲;兽欲 ,因此,my lust Chinese 涉及国家严禁的题材,所以被禁播.




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