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swap 是交换,互换.daughter 这里是指年轻女性.放在一起是 2男2女下流..

Our Chinese teacher is (married) and she has a (beautiful) daughter.我们的语文老师已婚,她有一个漂亮的女儿.

My name is Du Li .My English teacher (is) Laura.She is from the USA.(She)has a son and a daughter .(His son)is Ben .(His daughter )is Maria .Her husband is (Paul Black ).Mr.Black is (an English teache

Hello,dear Leah!I'm one of your faithful Chinese fans.I love you so much!Now,I wanna ask you some questions.If you have enough time,I hope you can answer them!Of course it

1,B.His birthday is on October 12th2,C.Our favorite isubject is hia English lesson3,G.They both studies well in the school.4,A.He goes to Chinese classes every week.5,D.She is coming to China soon

It's hot in Halnan Island _all year round_______________.他在他女儿小的时候给她拍了很多照片He ___took many pictures___________ of her daughter when she was very young.她的小孩将大概在七月出生Her baby ____will(may)__be born______________around July英语和汉语,你更擅长于哪一科?which subject ____are you good at___________,English or Chinese.


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