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/////建议你的句子应改为如下较好, Are usually Chinese Girls a virgin Before getting married with someone? ///// %%%%%%这里的virgin 为形容词,后面省略girl. 我相信多数的girl 还是处女的.%%%%%%

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Zhang Tong is 1.a Chinese girl.2.Her family is in Shanghai.She is 12.She is a student.She 3.likes apples 4.forbreakfast.And for dinner,she 5.eatschicken and vegetables.She has a brot

s.h.e - china girl 中国女孩 let's hold my breath 让我们摒住呼吸 i am drowning in my dread 我淹没在恐惧里 the wind is getting strong 风很强烈 the wind is getting stronger 风更加强烈 there's no second chancewn 没有第二次机会 when the devils

你需要的歌词 [ar:Sweetbox] [ti:China Girl] [00:00.96]china girl [00:02.08]制作:圆滑滑的舌头e68a84e8a2ade79fa5e9819331333262383535 [00:14.60]Life hold my breath [00:16.60]I am drowning in my dread [00:19.63]The wind is getting strong

China Girl David Bowie I could escape this feeling 那时我能逃脱这臆病 With my china girl 因我在她身边 我的中国女孩 I'm just a wreck without 仿佛遭遇灭顶之灾 当她不在我身旁 My little china girl 我的小小中国女孩 I'd hear hearts beating 倾听

S.H.E的么? [ti:china girl] [al:最爱s.h.e冬日音乐纪念册] china girl (super star) let's hold my breath i am drowning in my dread the wind is getting strong the wind is getting stronger there's no second chance when the devils make you dance the sky


Life hold my breathI am drowning in my dreadThe wind is getting strongthe wind is getting strongerThere's no second chancewhen the devils make you danceThe sky is getting darkthe sky is getting darkCan't you see can't you seewe were never

Oh oh oh ohoo little china girl Oh oh oh ohoo little china girl I could escape this feeling, with my chi na girl I feel a wreck without my, little china girl I hear her heart beating, loud as thunde r Saw the stars crashing I am a mess without, my little china girl

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