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CB可能指很多,例如::1. 商业小区广播(Cell Broadcast,简称CB)拒付(Chargeback)可转换债券(Convertible bond)地缘政治[编辑]美国大学理事会(英语:College Board)Communist Bandits,CB)铜锣湾(Causeway Bay)柬埔寨的

Own a computer but can't surf in internet is like suffering from looking at a nude virgin wearing a chastity belt.

你好!型号 代码希望对你有所帮助,望采纳.

[ the story ] story summary belt Chinese English translation, dialogue, the hero English name.

as well as we know, smoking is harmful to health.if smoke in public places, it will cause/bring much more harm, not only harm your own body and also others beside you, because second-hand smokes will be more poison. so, pls do not smoke in public consider that do not harm other's health




天堂和地狱(Heaven and Hell) Formerly had a person, he wanted to know how the heaven and the hellwere, he consulted God, after God knew his purpose in coming, thinksto say, “was good, I led you to have a look the hell”Was saying on

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