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BE Drunk with造句

be bored with 对…感到厌烦2113 The is bored with reading books.这个男孩以对读书5261产生了厌倦4102.He is never bored with football.对于足球,他1653乐此不疲.He is never bored with teaching.他对教学工作版从权不感到厌烦.

she is occupied in looking after 3 children.她忙于照料3个孩子 希望能帮到你哦,望采纳

I am satisfied with your answer.我很满意你的答案.

be satisfied with be pleased with 都有满意高兴之意,with为介词,后面跟宾语,sth或doing sth

这应该是个错误的表达.connect [k'nekt] vt. 连接;联合;关连vi. 连接,连结;联合 它根本没有名词或者形容词的性质,所以要用也该是be connected with eg:They are connected with marriage.

If I were a teacher, I would be popular with the students.要是你昨天来了这里的话,你就会见到他.We all hope to be popular with our classmates and teachers.本话题可以培养学生全面思维,客观分析,合理解决问题的能力.Mark: I'm sure that they'll be popular with the young ladies!我保证它们一定会受年轻女生欢迎的!

be coincident with 英[bi: knsdnt wi] 美[bi konsdnt w] [词典] 与一致/符合; [例句]the amount of divorce damages should be coincident with the damage amount. 离婚损害赔偿中的财产损害赔偿数额应该遵循损失多少赔偿多少的.

用be busy with sth造句 we are busy with the final exam.我们在忙于期末考试.满意请及时采纳,谢谢

be drunk with power 权迷心窍 [例句]Get drunk with that japanese finance ministerguy和日本财务大臣那家伙一起喝醉酒

I am not satisfied with the present situation. 我对现状根本不满意.

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