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At thE top oF造句

At the top of the mountain, I have a sense of calm.

中国篮球队在比赛中独占鳌头 The Chimese Basketball Team is at the top of the match.

at the top of mountain, you can see a great view

Who's at the top of your speed-dial list?

You can see the dialog box at the top-right corner of the screen.

1. A group of youths hoisted their flag on top of the disputed monument. 一群年轻人将他们的旗帜升到那座备受争议的纪念碑顶上.2.A twenty-foot steel pyramid is to be hoisted into position on top of the tower 一个高20英尺的钢质角锥体将被吊起

“好的,优秀的”he is on the top in his class in study.

1、 at the top of the world eg:The population of china is at the top of the world.中国人口是世界最多的. 2、 on the top of the world eg: I'm on the top of the world lookin' 我在世界之巅俯瞰众生 3、 on top of the world eg:Who would imagine somebody

in the top在顶部的内部 at the top在顶部这个范围之内 on the top在顶部的表面1 The naughty child has been stuck in the top of the house.这淘气的孩子给困在屋顶上了.I put her in the top rank of modern novelists. 我把她看做是当代第一流的小说

在的顶上 在……的巅峰 在……的顶端

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