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1、as a result:作为一个最终结果的意思.用法:as a result 单独使用,后面一般用逗号隔开,并且不能连结2个句子. He worked hard at his study.As a result, he passed the exam easily. 由于努力学习,他通过了这次考试.he defeated all

结果 原因状语从句,

as a result of 可以放句首as a result 可以放句末

as a result 就是"结果是“ as the result 要用在句子里面 the 特指

as a result是一个习惯短语,意为“因此”“结果” He didn't practice, and as a result he lost. 他没有练习,所以输了. as a result of意为“因为”“由于”“……的结果”,用来作状语. As a result of warning, nobody was hurt. 由于得到了警告,因此没有人受伤.As a resulf of (=because of… )意思是"由于" He got a rist as the result of his hard work. 要区别好哦

结果是如果用它引导原因状语从句须在后面加ofas a result ofHe was late as a result of the snow.由于大雪他迟到了.

as a result相当于一个连词,一般用于句首,且要用逗号与后面的句子隔开,是因此,所以的意思; as aresult of 是一个介词短语,后面接名词,动名词等,不能接句子,是由于,因为的意思.


【as a result】 【结果; 因此】【双语例句】Offer to take him out for lunch, then (ie as a result of this) he'll feel in a better mood.请他出去吃午饭,那样他心情就会好些.As a result, we have to water the vegetable garden.因此我们不得不给菜地浇

as a result作为一个结果双语对照词典结果:as a result[英][z rizlt][美][z e rzlt]结果, 因此; 以上结果来自金山词霸例句:1.As a result, many professionals are now charging for their wisdom. 于是,很多专业人士开始为他们的头脑开价了.2.As a result, we grew through word-of-mouth. 因此,我们依赖口口相传.3.As a result we are too afraid to fail. 结果,我们都太害怕失败.

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