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I am editing the article. 保证准确,希望你能够采纳,如果有任何不确定的可以追问.



I am Li Xia.Iam in class1,grade9.I leave a green bag in the reading room on 4th,May

how times flies!Now I am a student in Grade Nine and facing the first turning point in my school life.This title “Growing pains and gains”reminds me of the meaningful school life.The colourful life

Change is indispensable to life aaction,perhaps,you will change theircareer,maybe you'll change your status,but whatever oneself forever is the mostimportant.Change,can make you moreharmonious and his

换用一些不同句子结构或者更高级的单词和短语,慢慢改写吧.提高写作水平可以每天用英文写日记,或者练练英语范文然后给老师评改,慢慢提升自己,然后把好的范文背下来,就自然有感觉了,慢慢培养语感就ok 了.希望有所帮助.加油哦!

修改后的文章如下,我尽量保证你原文的句式和意思,你自己比对吧.College Students' Job HuntingWe all know that there are more and more college students cannot find jobs after they graduate.This is a seriou

Dear school directorI am (currently) a sophomore student,majoring in (the)subject (is 改为 of) automation.As I am (to business management 位置错误) more interested (in business 应放在这儿) than automa

I think the helping of homework has its advantages and disadvantage .The helping of homework can help us to finish our homework.for example,when we meet difficuties in our homework,we can turn to helping of homework for help,it would tell us

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