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志愿服务, 英文怎么讲

一:志愿服务1.voluntary service2.volunteer service3.volunteering二:志愿服务工作1.Voluntary work /2.voluntary service 例句:1.志愿服务工作占去我大部分业余时间.Voluntary work occupies a lot of my spare time.2.In fact, the Nanjing voluntary

做志愿者服务 make a commitment to volunteer 例句 包括红十字会在内的几个组织敦促人们今天甚至一整年都做志愿者服务.The Red Cross is among several organizations urging people to make a commitment to volunteer today and throughout the year.


志愿者 volunteer 相关解释:postulant applicant 例句:由于缺少志愿者,建立一个当地青年俱乐部的计划告吹了.Lack of volunteers brought down the curtain on plans to form a local youth club.把你能够召集的所有志愿者都带来 Bring all the volunteers you can muster.海词广告: 学外语,交外国真朋友 全球三亿白领的交友圈

Fill in the Priority Universities How to Fill in the Priority Universities When the Scores of the Test are Known 知分后如何填志愿

Volunteer Sevice Team

你好!Youth Volunteer Service Center青年志愿服务中心希望可以帮助您!仅代表个人观点,不喜勿喷,谢谢.

志愿者活动 volunteer activity

On Volunteering 1.越来越多的人从事志愿工作 2.志愿工作对需要帮助的人和社会都有利,对志愿者本身也有好处 3.我认为…… The volunteering spirit has spread among the Chinese people in recent years, especially among young people.

Because of the wind,the groud could grows lots of the trees;Because of the trees,we could have a cool place to stay~Yes,because of you,we could have a colorful world.Give a helping hang as a volunteer just like the wind ,the trees.We can impove our

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