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( 1)My mom tell me not play computer games if I don't do my homework.(2 )Teacher tell me do homework by myself( 3)I'm hungry,I tell my sister buy some food for me.(4 )Tom's mother tell him clean the bedroom(5 )Mom tell her help me with my homework.

He told Tommy to enter his office.My mom tells me not to break up the flower vase.His father told him study harder to get the best grades next time.John tells everyone to participate in his birthday party.Sarah tells her younger brother to try to smile.


tell him to go to school quickly 告诉他快去学校

she is gong to eat gongbaochicen

I was spellbinded by the dream.The white skirt is spellbinding.She has spellbinded the attention of many boys.He was spellbinded and lost his mind for a while.She attended a spellbinding dancing party and felt as if she were a princess.

be good at 意思是擅长干某事 注意be good at后面的动词要用现在分词形式,即ing1,I am good at playing soccer.我在踢足球方面很擅长.2,He is good at swimming.他很擅长游泳.3,My mother is good at cooking.我妈妈擅长烹调.4,She is good at singing,she is a good singer.她唱歌很好,是一位很棒的歌唱家.5,My brother is good at learning.我哥哥学习很好.希望能帮到你,祝天天向上!

1. inform sb of the existence of (sth interesting or advantageous);tell sb about sth 向某人提供(有趣或有利之事物)的信息;将某事物告诉某人 2. tell sb sth/order sth over the phone 用电话把某事告诉某人[订购某物] 3. tell sB. aBout sth 告诉某人关于某事 4. tell sB. sth. in strictest confidence 极秘密地将某事告诉某人

1.In this phase, judgment can be susceptible to a toxic combination of recessionfatigue, enthusiastic anticipation and uncertainty. 在这一阶段,对未来的判断可能容易受到衰退疲弱、乐观预期和不确定性的有害组合的不利影响.2.Ferrets are

I am good with her.I am good with him.I am good with you.I am good with do the dishs.He is good with me.We are good with my friends.

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