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用so As造句英文

so as to 为的是,以便 例句用法:He ran quickly so as to catch the last bus.他跑得很快以便赶上那末班车.The two lovers dropped back so as to be alone.那对情人落在后面,为的是两人好单独在一起.I left a message so as to be sure of contacting her.我留下了张条子以便与她取得联系.

用 so as造句 We left in the daytime so as not to arouse suspicion. 我们在白天离开以避免引起怀疑.

The test questions are kept secret so as to prevent cheating.We must go early so as to be in time.He study hard so as to get high mark.Would you be so kind as cary the box for me?He is not so clever as you.It isn't so cold as yesterday..He is not so handsome as his brother.

Tom is so good a student as is often praised by the teacher

He is not so clever as you.It isn't so cold as yesterday.He is not so handsome as his brother. 他不像他哥哥那样英俊. I'm not so experienced as you think. 我没有你想的那样有经验.

am,is,are(是)后是加adj的,副词是修饰动词的.happily,busily,carefully都是副词,形容词分别是happy,busy,careful,有很大区别如:you work as carefully as me.you are as careful as me.但friendly是形容词,解释为友好的 反正形容词+ly都成为副词,happy+ly=happily,busy+ly=busily,careful+ly=carefully 但friend是名词,加上ly不可能是副词,类似的像love+ly=lovely可爱的也是形容词

you are not so clever as me!你不如我聪明!you are as fool as he!你和他一样傻!^-^

他们应该面对他们的弱点以便于做某事…… they should face their weak points so as to do sth

I do my homework so as to kill time.

You must learn English well so that you can find a better job in the future,such as jobs in the government all need to use English.You need to be punctual so that we will not be late,or else we will b

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