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As the baby when my family house in the demolition, temporary residents in the tenements of relatives house, furniture, debris all crowded in a room with limited simply no place to let your baby crawl, so learning to walk in most of the time in the

Subways are usually most crowded during rush hours.

crowded 英[kradd] 美[kradd] adj. 拥挤的; 水泄不通的; 肩摩踵接; [例句]I stood on the crowded back platform of the seven o'clock bus as it lurched along the wet damp street.我站在早晨7点那班公共汽车拥挤的后门处,随着它沿潮湿的街道蹒跚行进.[其他] 形近词: crowder crowdie chowder

The bus is crowded. 公共汽车是拥挤的. 你的采纳我的动力 很高兴能够帮助你

答案是:1.his family is very poor so he can't afford his education 2.don't take the thing seriously 3.please give me a piece of paper 4.the supermarket was very crowded last weekend 手工翻译尊重劳动欢迎提问感谢采纳

they must not be crowded.它们一定不再拥挤.

it is very crowded on the bus..这么简单的

When I was a little girl,I was interested in everything,and questions crowded my mind. 当我还是个小女孩时,我对一切事物都很感兴趣,问题充溢了我整个脑海.

be crowded into 意为:被挤进As the passengers had been waiting for too long,when the bus came,they were crowded into it.欢迎提问,

你好!. Do not think that Americans are in such a hurry that they are unfriendly如果对你有帮助,望采纳.

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