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bet组成英语单词b,e,t 这三个字母无法组词英语单词所以此题无解


bet on 就…打赌make a bet 打赌best bet 最好的办法;最好的措施all bets are off [美国俚语]原来的打赌取消了;原来的预测不算数了

it is helpful for me to learn through reading books.i bet there is large chance for him to win the game.

you`ll be compared to a gaint when you devote yourself to country.(当你无保留的为祖国贡献时,你就可以被比作一个巨人!)children shouldn`t be compared with adults.(孩子不应该拿来和大人一起比较)前者compare to用作比作为后者compare with比较

i can't bear that.do beat him!you have become a beautiful lady!let's begin!it is bent!i bet you can do it!

展开全部1. There is not any chocolate on the table. 桌子上没有任何的巧克力.2. There is some bread in the kitchen. 厨房里有些面包.3. There is (not) any water in the bottle. 这个题是不是少个not? 瓶子里没有任何水.4. That tin of tobacco is for

Dont't take the flower away.不要花带走When he was a child,he has to make a living by himself.当他还小的时候,他不得不靠自己谋生.He is injuried.他受伤了.The main is to solve the problem.最主要的是解决这个问题.Everyone makes mistake.


我敢说你做得来,你也要相信给我可以做bet [bet]n.打赌赌金,赌注His bet on the boat race was 50.他下在赛船上的赌注是50美元.vt.& vi.打赌Some people are fond of betting.有些人喜欢打赌.肯定,确信I bet you can't do this puzzle.我敢说,你解决不了这个难题.

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