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人教版五年级上册英语书第一单元句子表1.Do you have new teachers? 你们有新老师吗疑问句中要用复数2. tall and strong又高又壮能够用其他的形容词进行代换 3. My

五年级下册句型 1.---When do you eat dinner?你什么时候吃晚饭? ---I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.我在晚上7点钟吃晚饭. 2.---When do you get up ?你什么时候起床? ---I usually get up at 12:00 noon.我通常在中午12点钟起床. 3.---

A man is washing his clothes, regardless of the notice above "Save the Water Please."As we see ,water is the source of life. But there is a very limited available water resource in our world. So


hallo,my nine is 加名字,i am from 加家乡,i am 加年龄,i have a good friend she is angel ,i like my school very much

Where it is not eaten bread with tears of people do not know the taste of life people. Book is the word of life, rich feelings in people deeply understood.生活是无字的书,眼


unit 1 young 年轻的 funny 滑稽可笑的 tall 高的 strong 强壮的 kind 和蔼的,亲切的 old 年老的 short 矮的 thin 瘦的 mr 先生 like 像……一样;喜欢 strict 严格的 smart 聪明的,巧妙的 active 积极的,活跃的 quiet 安静的,文静的 very 很,非常 but

unit 1 ☆ : young funny tall strong king old short thin who's=who is Mr what;s=what is like he's=he is strict smart activer quiet she's=she is very but 黑体:principal university student 句子:Who's your English teacher? Mr Carter. What's he like? He's

I watch TV on the weekend.我在周末看电视I get up at seven o'clock.我七点钟起床I have English class on Friday.我星期五上英语课I do morning exercises at eight o'clock我8点钟晨练

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