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公园的星期天 I went the park near my school with my family on Sunday. This park was holding a interesting garden party, where was crowded by many people. When sunday, the park was always very crowded. There was a lot of old men doing

the snarei hear a sudden cry of pain!there is a rabbitt in a snare;now i hear the cry, again,but i cannot tell from where.but i cannot tell from wherehe is calling out for aid;crying on the frightened air;making everything afraid.making everything afraid,

1.First if you want to learn English well, you should love English. Only you really love it you will easy to learn it well. You can read more and more, that is very important. And you had better to say and speak more. Do not afraid of making mistakes.

Ladies and Gentleman, Welcome to our city. Now let me introduce our city to you. Our city is a new modern city. It was set up in the early 1980's, but it has been developing rapidly. From here you can travel to anywhere by sea, by air or by land.

《我有一个梦想》不错,已经收录在高中课本里了,你阅读的时候主要看单词,把文章理解就好.具体的语法知识可以先不去深究.在推荐一篇Samuel Ullman的《Youth》(《青春》),非常优美的一篇文章,对你以后的作文有一定的帮助,但也要注意生词.另外,你可以看一下《小王子》的英文原著,书店里都有英汉对照的版本,既不难,也有意义.还有《夏洛特的网》的英文版,一个很有趣也很有名的故事,可以去书店找找看,这些都是适合英语处于中下水平的人来学习阅读.平时可以看一下《疯狂英语》《英语学习》《21世纪》等报刊杂志,还可以看美片,听英文歌曲,对提高你的英文水平很有帮助.


(一)I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn't go to someplace special. We just saw the other. We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, we

(1)I have changed a lot since I moved to this new school this term.I used to have many friends and be outgoing, but now I have few friends, and I become a little quiet. In the old school, I used to spend much time playing with my friends, but now I have



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