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你好:有几种理解方式:1 你同意(某人的意见)吗? Do you agree with him.2 你同意(某种计划)吗? Do you agree to do sth .它们的区别如下:agree with, agree to,意思是一样的,可是用法不同,他们都是同意某件事或某个人的意见的意思

do you agree with the writer?其实这句就可以表达你同意作者吗/如果你想把句子都翻译出来,就可以这样说do you agree to the writer's oppinion?以下内容 是从网上找来的1.agree (to sth) 意为“同意;愿意;答应(

Do you agree? ???

Do you agree ?还有其他问题需要帮助您的吗?没有的话,希望采纳哦,谢谢!(问问消息:您好,您的回答即将过期,请尽快解决,否则会被扣分!)

Do you agree him?

If you agree

i don not agree the view that one person only can study the knowledge in the bookswe should combine the theory and the practice.only in this way can we make full use of what we have studied in the books

同意的英文单词:agree 、approve 、comply、consent 、assent 单词解析:1、agree 读音:英 ['ri] 美 ['ri] v. 同意;赞成;承认;符合;一致 例句:We agreed to leave at once.我们同意立即离开.2、approve 读音:英 ['pruv]

同意做某事 [tóng yì zuò mǒu shì]基本翻译agree to do sth.网络释义同意做某事:agree to do sth | agree to do something

Do you agree with me?

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