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只+doing做宾语的动词有: finish, enjoy, suggest, mind, dislike, practice, miss, keep, advise, allow, forgive, imagine, prevent, understand, resist, reject, consider, avoid, delay

只+to do 做宾语的动词有:wish,hope,want(想要),ask,demand,agree,promise,decide,determine,plan,tend,mean(打算),fail,refuse,decline,manage,learn,pretend,choose,prepare,offer,desire,long(渴望),expect,und

好多 want to do let to do Have to do make to do

下列动词后跟动词时通常只能跟doing形式. admit(承认),avoid(避免),delay( 既能加todo 又能加doing的有很多,但是这里只能强调几个主要是意义不一样forget to

begin start try want like hate prefer stop pretend prepare need request spend suppose regret remember forget think consider

to do 和doing的用法区别 stop to do 停止,中断做某事后去做另一件事. stop doing 停止做某事. They stop to smoke a cigarette. 他们停下来,抽了根烟. I must stop smoking. 我必须戒烟了. 典型例题 She reached the top of the hill and

to do 叫不定式.例句I know what to do .我知道该做什么.doing为现在分词或动名词.例句She is doing homework .她正在写作业.

---- want to do ---- plan to do----- decide to do---- stop to do----- forget to do 等

start begin forget stop try mean remember regret cease like prefer 还有一些短语比如 go on ,be afraid(同理好多形容词都这样)等等 只要你记住 to do 一般表示没做的 doing一般表示做过的

一.含有ing句型:1.carry on\keep doing 坚持做某事 2.practise doing sth.练习做某事 3.keep sb.Doing 使某人一直做某事 4.enjoy doing 喜欢做某事 5.finish doing 完成做某事 6.be afraid of doing 害怕做某事 7.(

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