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后面能跟to do做宾语的单词比如说like,want,go,need.

请输入你的答案to为介词,后接doing see to (负责) devote to pay attention to get down to (认真处理) look forward to turn to doing (改行..) stick to object to be suited to due to owing to refer to admit to keyto lead to be equal to(能胜任;


1.下列动词跟不定式做宾语: want, wish, hope, expect, ask, pretend, care, decide, happen, long, offer, refuse, fail, plan, prepare, order, cause, afford, beg, manage, agree, promise等. 2、在下列动词或动词短语后用动名词做宾语: enjoy, finish,

want to do sth,想要做某事.help sb to do sth.帮助某人做某事pratice doing sth,练习作某事.mind doing sth.介意做某事.stand doing sth.忍受做某事.be good at doing sth.擅长做某事.thinks sb for doing sth .感谢某人做

很多,但是这里只能强调几个1.意义不一样的forget to do/doing 忘记去做/忘记了是否做过remember to do/doing 记得做过/记得是否做过regret to do/doing 遗憾地要做/后悔

非及物动词.want\ help\ refuse\ like……

LIKE TO DO LIKE DOING BE TO DO BE DOING dislike to do dislike doing

1.feel like 2.enjoy 3.mind 4.escape 5.judge 6.practise 7.avoid 8.finish 9.risk 10.deny 11.give up 12.prevent 13.miss 楼上的face 要接ing是错误的. 望采纳.

习惯上接动名词(doing)作宾语的51动词其后习惯上要跟动名词作宾语的常见动词有以下51个:acknowledge, admit, appreciate, avoid, burst out, consider, contemplate, delay, defer, deny, detest, dislike, dispu

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