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have an interview with sb

您好!give an interview __to____ sbmake a interview with sb

interview to/with me

I had to interview a teacher, she told me some useful things,She said: "I think this is very important, basic foundation is to learn, despite a student learning is not all, but we need to knowledge. Like a lesson is growing sapling, learn essential factor,

A: What do you think is the biggest environmental problem today, Dr.Li? B: There are much threat to our environment nowdays, but I think the biggest problem is the attitude

采访某人: interview with sb. / have an interview with sb.;do an interview with sb.;have an interview with sb;interview sb. interview with sb. / have an interview with sb.Accept someone interview接受采访

1.抗污染斗士:fighters against pollution2.采访某人:interview with sb. / have an interview with sb.3.对感兴趣:become/be/feel interested in|care about4.生物:Biology/creature/biología5.自然空调natural ventilation6.在的尾部at the ends of

采访某人某事.翻译为英文是: Interview somebody for something

访某人的英文:interview sb.(interview作动词)have an interview with sb.(interview作名词)例句:have an interview with the president 对总统的采访interview the president 采访总统

My father is a engineer(可改),this is exactly what he want to do in the future when he was young.He like to play chesses a lot.And the favourite things he like to do is watching TV.The programme he like are always these singing programme.When

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