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Unit1 as for 至于,关于junk food 垃圾食品how many 多少of course 当然;自然look after 照顾;照看a lot of 大量;许多once a week 每周一次Animal World 动物世界unit2have a cold 受凉;感冒be stressed out 有压力的;紧张的a few 有些;几个

1 I don't care whether my friends are like me or not.2 He doesn't care what young people think of him.3 I would like to be interested in English rather than science.4 I am not as carefully as my friend.5 I don't do homework as carefully as my friend.6

you are taller than me.你比我更高大 your bread is bigger than mine.你的面包比我的大 A watermelon is much bigger than an apple.西瓜比苹果大得多.It is getting cooler and cooler.天气越来越凉爽.The wind became more and more heavily.风变

十个最高级的句子四单元八年级上册答:She jumps the farthest girl among us.追答:All of the seats are the most comfortable.追答:Tom is the latest of us three.追答:The price of the room is the highest of all.追答:Winter isa the coldest season of the years.

Unit 1 1. go to the movies=go to the cinema 看电影 2. look after=take care of 照顾 3. 9. take/do exercise=play/ do sports锻炼,做运动 10. eating habits 饮食习惯 11. the

八年级上册712单元句子英译汉翻译练习1. How do you make a banana milk shake?2. How much yogurt do we need?3. How many bananas do we need?4. Let me think.5. Put another slice of bread on the top.6. Here's a recipe for a great turkey

比如(例): U1. How often do you exercise?1.What does she do on weekend? She often goes to the movies.2.What does he do on weekend? He often plays computer games.3.What do you do on weekend? I often read books.4.What do they do

1 the children to play computer games very interested2 i can't afford to buy this dictionary. because of my money was overthank you very much for these exquisite stamps gave me4 she had been to beijing twice5 they want to help the man carry the

(一) 今天去吃肯德基了. 一进去,我们一家三口立即分了工,爸爸去订餐,我和妈妈去找座位.好不容易找了个座位坐了下来,趁爸爸还没来,我又打量了一下肯得基店堂:大厅很宽敞,桌椅整洁漂亮,设施齐全,四周的墙壁上画满了儿童

The doctor says she shouldn't eat in twenty-four hours. have a good rest, I guarantee you will be better soon. People who are too nervous about work need to find a balance between living and work to maintain a good mood. If you have a

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